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Tandem Mortgage is a direct lender – mortgage broker in the San Fernando Valley that has developed a reputation for delivering first-rate service for our clients who are interested in buying a home, searching for and comparing refinancing options on a current loan, or making an investment on a property.

Our agents are committed to working with our clients in a way that simplifies the daunting and complex mortgage lending process. Our dedication to our clients is reflected every day as we match the appropriate solutions to each and every client’s specific lifestyle and budgetary objectives.

Over the years, Tandem Mortgage has worked closely with all of our clients, lenders, real estate agents, and financial professionals to develop a durable and reliable community of trusted professionals and elated customers. Building these types of strong bonds on a foundation of trustworthiness and success has been vital to our growth as a reputable direct lender. Our established network is a vital tool for our experienced agents to utilize in order to offer a vast and competitive array of options and rates that conform to various needs of various clients. This, of course, makes the process less complex and more beneficial for all of the parties involved. Our network has the effect of not only saving you time and money, but it spares you from the stress caused by dealing with subpar mortgage brokers.

When you are working with such large numbers, trust, experience, and success rates are very important variables to consider when seeking a direct lender. Tandem Mortgage offers all of those qualities and more.

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